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Here are a few links I would like to share with you.

My Blog, Earth Heartist

, site for anyone interested in the healing potential of art
, site containing a gallery of ecoartists and other ecological art resources, an online museum of environmental art

(Amis "voyageurs aux semelles de vent...")
China Galland
(Images of Divinity)
Donna Henes
The Queen of My Self
Ichi Ikeda
Katya Miller
Nanette Hucknall
Meridel Rubenstein
Laura Simms
Shannyn Sollitt
(Cranes for Peace)
Vijali Hamilton
Julia White
( in planning)

Truth and Reconcilation Commission (South Africa)

Campaign for Love and Forgiveness
Sorry Books of Australia

Deep Listening
, a program of The Pauline Oliveros Foundation (choose Dominique Mazeaud on right navigation bar)
Center for Non ViolentCommunications
The Compassionate Listening Project
Rural Southern Voice for Peace
The Co-Intelligence Institute

Darlene McElroy Design, web designer


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