dominique mazeaud



My caregiving projects are 'life-as-art' because I put into the work I do with individuals the same ingredients that I bring to my ritual performance. Through intention and attention, every aspect of life is potentially sacred and every transition or problem can be an opportunity for creativity. I help people translate the details of their daily reality into graceful actions. Even the anxiety of deadlines and the overwhelm of disorganization can be transformed through creating an ambience of trust. In this phase, action nurtures the soul. My support includes un-cluttering matter and mind, cleansing space and spirits, healing through ceremonies and deep listening-in brief responding to what is required by the moment. 

It is not art in the professionalized sense about which I care, but that which is created sacredly, as a result of a deep inner experience, with all of oneself, and that becomes "art" in time. — Alfred Stieglitz

Thanks to Meridel Rubenstein for the use of her striking photograph.

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